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This website won't be updated any longer from 2019. Please visit our Lenguaventura website for always having the latest information about our summer camps in Tarifa.

We would like to let you know on this page who stands behind the Lenguaventura program. It is a group of enthusiastic responsible people all with academical backgrounds and with the objective to make all participants of Lenguaventura feel home far from home and share with the teens exciting moments.

Irene Weiss : Director and founder of Lenguaventura summer camps

Irene is the founder of Lenguaventura. Born in Switzerland she has been living in Spain since 1988. She is very enthusiastic about languages and foreign countries. Irene is convinced that Tarifa, situated at the southernmost tip of Europe, is the best place for a real linguistical and cultural immersion. Furthermore her passion for outdoor sports makes Tarifa the perfect place for her to live.

During the Camp Irene ist the contact person for parents.

Adrin Lago : Group leader

Adrin was born in Madrid but currently lives in Edinburgh (Scotland). He has a degree in Journalism and works as a Spanish teacher with kids and adults. He has worked in several camps and exchange trips in Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland. He enjoys traveling and photography.

Adrin is a funny guy and makes us laugh a lot.

Miguel Benitez : Group Leader

Miguel is from Ubrique (Cdiz). He has studied Pedagogy and sociocultural animation. Apart from working in education programs from Andalusia, he also works as a turistic guide. In his free time he likes to practice adventure sports such as climbing.

Miguel is a sporty man and experienced group leader who also likes handicraft.

Rebecca Cray : Group Leader

Rebecca is from Melbourne (Australia) although she grew up in China. She has lived in Granada, Spain, for a few years now working as an English teacher with kids and adults. She has a degree in Fine Arts (Painting) and is currently finishing her studies in Spanish Philology. Each summer she works in bilingual and outdoor sports camps in Spain or the UK.

Rebecca is relaxed and tries to enjoy everything life has to offer her.

Gaspar Cuesta Estvez : Head of Study Spanish courses

Gaspar came to the Escuela Hispalense in 1991. In short he is : Intellectual, a Spanish filologist and doctor in the Spanish language. It is true Gaspar knows everything about Spanish grammar, Spanish people and Tarifa's history and culture. He never evades a question and he always knows the answer. Gaspar worked out the didactic program of the Spanish courses for our participants at Lenguaventura. He is also Head of study of the Lenguaventura teachers and coordinates the programme with them. Furthermore, he is on hand to support the pupils with any academical help they may need.

Belinda Rodriguez : Spanish teacher

Belinda was born in Los Barrios (Cdiz) a village near Tarifa. Now she lives in Mlaga but every summer she comes back to Cdiz. She has been working with Lenguaventura for several years. Belinda studied Spanish Philology and is currently completing her PhD in Spanish language teaching. She works as a Spanish teacher with kids and adults.

Belinda loves her job and enjoys teaching her students and in her free time she enjoys traveling and going out to take photos.

Summer Camps for teens in Spain

This website won´t be updated any longer from 2019. Please visit our Lenguaventura website for always having the latest information about our summer camps in Tarifa.


A big thank you also for all the time and effort from the staff helping my daughter whilst in Tarifa, again she had a fantastic time and is already planning next years stay!

Please pass on my appreciation to all the team and a big thank you once again.

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