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Summer camps in Spain for kids

Welcome to Lenguaventura, a world full of diversion

Bilingual Summer Camps in Tarifa 9 - 13 years old

We take advantage of the fact that children are extremely receptive to the learning of a foreign language. Participating in our Lenguaventura program with camp mates from all over the world gives the kids in the 9 – 13 age group a great opportunity not only to learn a new language but also to learn about new cultures. Awakening their curiosity and enthusiasm for different cultures, through language learning combined with social/cultural and sport activities, is a great asset for the children's future.

We also consider it important to keep our young participants motivated so that they will do their utmost to make progress in the new language which will start to become more and more familiar to them.

In the world we live in today we are convinced that an intercultural exchange inviting young children to interact actively with their summer camp mates comprising children from foreign countries and also from Spain will help to get a better understanding for different cultures and will contribute to a better world.

Foreign children take Spanish classes and Spanish children take English classes in the mornings. The activities in the afternoons will be the same for all participants. The sports activities we have selected are suitable for the 9 to 13 age group and none of them are dangerous.

The children in the summer camp are chaperoned right around the clock. Our Lenguaventura staff set a high value on security and personal care.

Summer Camps for teens in Spain

This website won´t be updated any longer from 2019. Please visit our Lenguaventura website for always having the latest information about our summer camps in Tarifa.


A big thank you also for all the time and effort from the staff helping my daughter whilst in Tarifa, again she had a fantastic time and is already planning next years stay!

Please pass on my appreciation to all the team and a big thank you once again.

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